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About Our Committee

Serving our community and candidates in the 2022-2026 term

The Monongalia County Republican Executive Committee is comprised of elected and appointed members serving from twelve executive committee districts, the officers, auxiliary, and at-large members. One male and one female represent each district. 

District 1

Male - Wes Nugent

Female - Open 

District 2

Male - Kyle McAvoy

Female - Open 

District 3

Male - Open
Female - Beverly Burks

District 4

Male - Dale Sparks

Female - Cindy Chambers

District 5

Male - Open

Female - Open

District 6

Male - J. Brad Allamong

Female - Open

District 7

Male - J. Eric Lewis

Female - Open

District 8

Male - Open

Female - Open

District 9

Male - Drew Talbott

Female - Paula Martinelli

District 10

Male - John Sedoski

Female - Michelle Spruill

District 11

Male - Charlie Krushansky

Female - Connie Clouse

District 12

Male - Ethan Moore

Female - Open


Chairman - Ethan Moore

Vice Chair - Paula Martinelli

Vice Chair - Kyle McAvoy

Secretary - Bev Burks

Treasurer - John Sedoski

If you're interested in serving on the MCREC and live in a district listed above with an open seat, please email the Committee at Our normal process is to have interested candidates attend a few meetings and be interviewed first.


Learn more about serving on the Executive Committee. Apply online. Download the application form.

Monongalia County Republican Executive Committee District Map

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