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MCREC Pledge to the People of Monongalia County

Reforming the Government to Serve the People


We believe in creating efficiencies in government between municipalities and unincorporated areas of the County by ensuring complete and adequate services without duplicating efforts and increasing bureaucracy and government waste to include fire; police; access to swift justice; and reasonable and workable land use controls with a vote of interested parties to protect private property rights.

We support cooperation with various volunteer fire departments to ensure continued, sustainable protection for the citizens of Monongalia County.

We support the efforts of police to provide protection for all areas and populations of this county. We support a responsible police presence to interact with the community in a professional and respectful manner.

We support the addition of more magistrates to provide swift and equitable justice for all county residents.

We believe that local dilemmas deserve local solutions without sacrificing the autonomy of each subdivision or the rights of the individual.


We support a modern, well-maintained and economy-boosting infrastructure that underpins jobs, growth, investment and prosperity; is right-sized for our communities; and includes a system of roads and interstates, sewer and stormwater outlets, trash collection services and recycling methods.

We support the development of broadband and internet services to underserved and unserved areas of Monongalia County.

We support private contracts to be awarded for public works to streamline efficiencies.


We support responsible allocation of public funding to provide needed infrastructure improvements and expansions for areas of growth.

Expanding Opportunity to Promote Prosperity

We support creating a system of laws and regulations that are fair and reasonable to job creators, entrepreneurs, and investors while allowing for economic freedom, personal responsibility, and opportunity for reward, in turn, promoting the creation of jobs for our citizens and encouraging wealth in all sectors of our economy.

We support tax reform that removes the barriers to business growth and job creation.

We support a system that treats in-state and out-of-state employers fairly and respects the rights of our citizens.

We believe tourists can become the residents that build business and protect the environment in which they live.

Energy and the Environment

We support responsible promotion, expansion, and use of West Virginia’s natural renewable and mineral resources that help to ensure American energy independence and national security including renewable energy in a fair market system.

Affirmation of Private Property Rights

We support the democratic process for annexation. We oppose forced annexation.

We support reasonable and workable planning and development initiatives that respect individual rights and encourage business growth.


We support all forms of public and private education that seek to instill the value of learning; the proficient acquisition of knowledge, the necessity for a high school diploma and the opportunity for success in post-secondary education.

We support the study of the United States Constitution as well as the history of West Virginia and the West Virginia Constitution.

We believe that local control provides the opportunity to support high achieving, creative and entrepreneurial students.

Promoting Financially Stable Families

We support activities that promote stable and financially secure families and efforts that encourage self-sufficiency; fair and affordable food and housing; and physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

We acknowledge that our community is besieged by the current opioid epidemic and that solutions will come from a collaboration between government, community organizations and faith-based outreach.

We support the right to bear arms to provide security for our homes and community.


We affirm the institution of traditional marriage, the right to life, traditional family values and the quality of life.

We support our heroes, our military and its veterans.

We support the collaboration of the University campus and Monongalia County on social and economic issues which impact its citizens.

We oppose the concept of sanctuary cities.

We support free and fair elections in accordance with the constitution of the United States of America and the laws and constitution of the State of West Virginia.

Whereas, this document is our statement on issues and our pledge to the people of Monongalia County,


Whereas, the Monongalia County Republican Executive Committee ("MCREC") exists to meet its statutory roles and to promote and encourage Republicans to run for office in Monongalia County, and


Whereas, the MCREC does affirm its support of the official Party Platforms of the West Virginia Republican Party and the Republican National Committee and wish to strengthen the MCREC's collective position on certain issues as they apply directly to Monongalia County, West Virginia,


Whereas, members of the MCREC did work collaboratively to explore the issues that are most relevant to Monongalia County and did meet collectively, with fair notice given to all members beforehand, to discuss those many topics and issues and reach consensus on each,


Therefore, be it resolved that this "Statement of Positions" be adopted as an official position document of the MCREC. 


Effective December 8, 2020 in a meeting duly called and at which a quorum of members elected and appointed were in attendance, a majority of Members present did vote in the affirmative; 2020 "Statement of Positions" is hereby ratified and adopted.

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