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Platform & County Party Information

Read our local county platform developed and adopted by the Monongalia County Republican Executive Committee in December 2020. Our platform and pledge was guided by hours of community input from other Republicans.


Meet our Monongalia County Republican Executive Committee members and learn how you can get involved to change our community for the better. Volunteers are always needed and we welcome your help.

Register to vote in Monongalia County, WV. This is a last frontier for conservatives, and we're working to flip the county red. We invite Democrats to #WalkAway from the left and Independents to find a home inside our big tent.


Be a poll worker and help Monongalia County citizens vote in the primary and general elections. Serve our democracy, interact with our community and earn money too.

Find links to other sites of interest, including government and running for office, as well as other West Virginian Republican county executive committees.

Your link suggestions are welcomed too.

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