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Volunteer as a Poll Watcher

The GOP is stepping up to protect free and fair elections. But, your help is needed if we are going to be successful at preserving election integrity in our great nation.

That is why the Republican National Committee is calling on YOU to join Team GOP as a Volunteer Poll Watcher to ensure coverage, transparency, and that the highest level of integrity is upheld before and on Election Day.

In West Virginia, while poll watchers and observers are otherwise prohibited from polling places, all canvassing of election returns is open to the public. This means you can be present on Election Day at the main ballot counting location and afterward at can. Refer to W. Va. Code §§ 3-6-9(a)(5), 3-1-37(a), 3-1-41, 3-4A-27. The W.Va. Secretary of State has published online the official manual for election officials (PDF).

Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel has said that GOP lawmakers are "leading the Republican ecosystem to deliver transparency throughout the process and ensure voters have confidence in American elections" by "holding thousands of trainings and recruiting over 45,000 poll watchers and poll workers." This is a 12,000 increase from July, Breitbart reported.

The Monongalia County Republican Executive Committee encourages all Republicans to take action, beyond voting, to get involved with helping advance conservative causes and candidates.


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