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The 2022 WV Congressional Map

The new Congressional map divides the state into northern and southern districts, both of which are strongly Republican. But because the state went from three congressional districts to two as a result of population losses n the 2020 census, Republicans are nevertheless losing a seat — meaning two of our WV Republican congressmen will have to run in the same district next year.

This will occur in our district which has now been changed from northern 1st (old) to the 2nd District, and the two congressmen are Reps. David McKinley and Alex Mooney. Both have already announced they plan to run for reelection, setting the stage for a primary between an acolyte of former President Donald Trump (Mooney) and the more mild-mannered McKinley. Because 66 percent of the new 2nd District is currently part of McKinley’s district (including Monongalia County), he may start off with the advantage. For an interesting map and other reviews regarding our congressional districts you may like to visit,


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