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Support Republican candidates at the Monongalia County Fair Parade on Monday, August 8, 2022

Red, white and blue pinwheels with people standing in the background.

A number of local Monongalia County Republican candidates will have parade floats. Get voters excited by attending, showing support, and walking the parade, if possible.

How you can help candidates at the county fair parade

Wear your favorite CANDIDATE CAMPAIGN shirt, Republican gear, and your RED, WHITE, & BLUE attire. Bring a patriotic prop with you!

Parade lineup begins at 6:30 PM and political units are being staged on North Spruce Street (red area). The Monongalia County Fair parade kicks off on High Street promptly at 7:30 PM.

A fair parade map showing political units lining up along North Spruce Street.
From - Political units staged in the red area North Spruce Street

If you can't walk in the parade, show support for Republican candidates by making a loud noise when they go past. If you have campaign signs, bring and wave those.

Get completed details about the 2022 Monongalia County Fair Parade from the official website.


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