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Monongalia County GOP calls for new RNC leadership in 2023

Monongalia County Republican Executive Committee Official Resolution. A call for new RNC leadership.

Whereas, the Monongalia County Republican Executive Committee (MCREC) exists to meet

statutory roles, and to promote, encourage, and support Republicans to run for office in

Monongalia County; and

Whereas, our MCREC members are committed to electing more Republicans in 2024 at all levels of the GOP ticket; and

Whereas, the West Virginia Republican Party (WVGOP) coordinates and conducts the activities

of the GOP in West Virginia in affiliation with the Republican National Committee (RNC), the

Rules of the RNC and the RNC platform; and

Whereas, the responsibility of leadership in the RNC, the National Republican Senatorial

Committee (NRSC), and the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) is to hold

elected GOP officials accountable to winning and supporting Republicans in general elections by

all means possible; and

Whereas, in 2022, national party leaders were unable to deliver on the mission to restore the

US Senate to a Republican majority; and

Whereas, multiple state GOP organizations, including the Arizona GOP and Texas GOP, have

published votes of no confidence in the current RNC leadership; and

Whereas, West Virginia’s three current voting members of the RNC—State GOP Chairman Ms.

Elgine McCardle, National Committeeman Mr. Larry Pack, and National Committeewoman Ms.

Beth Bloch—are elected with grassroots Republican support at WV GOP conventions; now

Therefore, be it resolved, that our MCREC members call for West Virginia’s voting members

of the RNC to elect new leadership at the Winter RNC meeting in late January 2023 so as to

improve in fundraising, messaging, getting out the vote, and election integrity ahead of the 2024

election; and

Be it further resolved, MCREC members express appreciation and gratitude for the past

leadership of Ms. Ronna Romney McDaniel as Chairwoman of the RNC since January 19, 2017;


Be it finally resolved, MCREC Chairman Ethan Moore shall convey this resolution to other

county GOP chairs, as well as West Virginia's Republican National Committeeman and

Committeewoman, and WV GOP chair, urging that similar resolutions be taken up for

consideration locally by county committees, and at the Winter 2023 WV GOP meeting.

Adopted: December 13, 2022


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