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Vote in our 2024 Democrat Retirement Poll

The next general election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 5, 2024 with West Virginia's primary for May 14, 2024.

As we look ahead to the 60th quadrennial presidential election, what Democrat politician would you most like to see retire? Vote in our poll to see results, and share with your friends on social media.

In the first poll, the top three Democrats who voters wanted to retire were:

  1. Joe Manchin 40%,

  2. Joe Biden 28%, and

  3. Danielle Walker 23%.

Who will be the next top three? Vote to find out!

Democrat to Retire Next

  • Joe Biden, US President

  • Joe Manchin, US Senate

  • Mike Caputo, WV State Senate 13th District

  • Evan Hansen, WV House Delegate 79th District

You can make a difference now for 2024 by volunteering and donating anything you can spare.


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