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Monongalia County GOP Passes Resolution About Rt. 7

The Monongalia County Republican Executive Committee, at its regular monthly meeting held on Tuesday, April 9, 2019 in Blacksville, WV did consider and pass the attached resolution.

Contact: Ethan Moore, Chairman; 304-276-5050

Executive Committee Resolution: Roads

Whereas, the condition of the roads and transportation infrastructure in Monongalia County are in deplorable and crumbling condition,

Whereas, Route 7 from Star City to Wadestown is among the worst roads in Monongalia County and residents in the western end of the county regularly drive north to Pennsylvania then South on Interstate 79 to avoid the potholes,

Whereas, the issue of suitable roads and transportation infrastructure is vital to not only the safety and the quality of life of Monongalia County’s residents, but also the ability of Monongalia County to attract business and opportunity,

Whereas, improving the roads and transportation infrastructure of Monongalia County is a nonpartisan issue, impacting residents of all political inclinations and ideals,

Whereas, any and all efforts to improve the transparency, efficiency, and accountability of the Division of Highways is key to improving the conditions of the roads and transportation infrastructure in Monongalia County,

Whereas, regular maintenance (e.g. ditching) has been neglected for years on many secondary roads and just patching potholes will no longer suffice,

Whereas, federal and state bureaucracy makes it challenging to direct dollars to the areas of highest need,

Therefore, be it resolved, that the Monongalia County Executive Committee of the West Virginia Republican Party requests the Governor of West Virginia, the Honorable James Conley Justice, II, direct the Department of Highways to focus immediate attention to the secondary roads in Monongalia County.

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