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Mon GOP Resolution in Support of Education Reform

The Monongalia County Republican Executive Committee has passed a resolution in support of the Omnibus Education Reform bill that is making its way through the West Virginia Legislature. Chairman Ethan Moore says of the resolution, “the Committee does not make this decision lightly. After vigorous debate, we arrived at consensus. We continue to support education reform led by our Republican majority in the Legislature. We believe this education reform will improve conditions for our students, parents, teachers, and service personnel." The Resolution reads:

Resolution on Education Reform - SB 451

Whereas, the West Virginia Republican Party Platform is committed to principles of educational choice for parents and students, local control, and reforms that challenge teachers and pupils to improve their results and performances to nationally competitive rankings;

Whereas the West Virginia Republican Party platform, last adopted on June 25th, 2016, states in Chapter II and Chapter IV, extensive conservative positions on education and labor freedoms, closely matching Senate Bill 451, which passed the Senate February 4th, 2019;

Whereas, our per pupil spending ranks highly, and our educational outcomes measure poorly;

Whereas, our high school graduation rates rank highly, almost two-thirds of our graduates who attend in-state colleges require remedial college classes;

Whereas, the 2018 Education pay hikes and SB 451 constitute the largest pay increases in West Virginia history for educators and state employees;

It is resolved that the Monongalia County Republican Executive Committee of the West Virginia Republican Party supports the passage of the current version of SB 451 by the House of Delegates and its immediate signing by our Governor, to ensure the radical improvement of our educational opportunities and results statewide.

For more information contact:

Chairman Ethan Moore


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