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‘Republican’ is Not an Insult

Much of the public discourse lately has been fraught with discord. I for one do not consider being accused of Republicanism an insult. When did it become acceptable to personally attack someone merely because they hold a different political philosophy? Haven’t generations of Monongalians sacrificed so that we can exercise the freedom to have different opinions? I am proud of the gains the State of West Virginia and the United States have made under recent Republican leadership.The Republican Party is the Party of Lincoln, Eisenhower, and Reagan. We are a broad tent of diverse ideas with planks in our platform cutting across the spectrum. We are standing up for what’s right. We believe in personal liberty with personal responsibility for decisions and actions. We believe in smaller government and fewer burdens on our day-to-day lives. We are fighting for lower taxes, balanced budgets, and sound fiscal policy. We are working every day to “right-size” government… to once again have our government serve the people and provide the essential services they require. Yes, we may disagree on the best path to reach these goals, but I believe that many would agree that things have gotten out of hand recently. Almost every day we tune in to the radio, open the newspaper, or scroll through our newsfeeds to find another divisive and denigrating attack. As a Republican, I say this: Let’s find a civil common ground and not give in to the radical hyperbole from either extreme.

Ethan Moore


Monongalia County Republican Executive Committee

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