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Poll Workers Wanted

The Monongalia County Republican Executive Committee provides names of persons nominated to work the polls as Republican before each election. When poll workers can't fulfill their duties for any reason, the county clerk appoints alternates to fill  vacancies before Election Day.

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In preparation for the highly anticipated May 2024 primary election, county clerks are gearing up to train and hire over 8,400 skilled poll workers. These dedicated individuals will be strategically stationed at more than 1,680 polling locations on the designated day. Acting as the crucial frontline, poll workers play a pivotal role in enabling eligible voters to cast their ballots with privacy and security.


Our commitment to a seamless electoral process extends beyond sheer numbers. By employing a robust team of poll workers, we aim to instill confidence in every voter regarding the election's integrity. Join us as we prioritize transparency, security, and accessibility in the upcoming May 2024 primary, ensuring a democratic experience that resonates with both voters and search engines alike.

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