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gpg While the client is still a work in progress and some features won't be available in every country, we have set up a public test server where you can have a first look at the client without the fear of leaving any of your account information or data on the public test server. The server is accessible through the "Server Test" button on the main menu. You will need to register to the test server and enable the PvP option.[The circadian rhythms of visual performance and of biochemical and physiological indices in patients with ischemic heart disease]. By means of 8-hour polygraphic monitoring and the study of plasma catecholamines and alpha- and beta-endorphin level, ECG, the blood levels of total and free cholesterol, triglycerides, uric acid, blood sugar, calcium, magnesium, albumin, total protein, immunoglobulins, antithrombin III, factor VIII and A2-macroglobulin, circadian rhythms of visual performance, visual acuity, brightness contrast sensitivity and of the visual acuity of the 1st and 10th decimal were studied in 30 patients with ischemic heart disease (IHD). In healthy subjects and patients with II stage IHD circadian rhythms of visual performance, of visual acuity of the 1st and 10th decimals, of plasma level of total and free cholesterol, alpha- and beta-endorphin, of the immunoglobulins and of the blood level of albumin prevailed. By means of the circadian rhythms of the changes in the plasma alpha- and beta-endorphin level and of the immunoglobulins circadian fluctuations of the visual performance were shown in 18% of cases. These results proved a marked influence of the circadian rhythm on some biochemical and physiological indices in patients with IHD.Establishment and characterization of a new human fetal lung cell line, EML. A new cell line, designated as EML, was established from lungs resected from a 10-week-old abortus and maintained in vitro for more than 14 months. EML cells are continuous epithelial-like cells growing in a monolayer with a doubling time of 60-70 hours. The growth characteristics of EML cells are similar to those of other human fetal lung cell lines established before 1990. EML cells maintained in serum-containing medium, secrete neutral mucins containing sialic acid. When EML cells were subcultured in a serum-free medium, production




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